Born to Desire

Woman, you were born to desire.
At birth, you cried for the sun.
Your yearning was boundless.
Your hunger was fierce,
it's face stained with dirt and berries.
Your longings made snow angels in the garden
singing lullabies.
Good or bad, you knew what you wanted.
You dared to know.
Girl child, knowing is more powerful than you know.
It's your greatest daring, remember?
It will shift the balance of power in a world that needs your truth to guide it.
The blood money is yours.
The blood is your mother's and your daughter's,
the blood of birth, seeking the ocean, pulled by the moon.
There's no future in a house of mirrors.
Turn the trick around, Lady.
Don't give yourself away,
waiting for completion
for a flash of sensation to rescue you
from your heroine's journey
for a set of distant eyes to certify your absence.
Your perfect lover doesn't exist
or if he does, he's a double agent, paid by the state
a hologram place-holder for your own self-love.
Remember what was always yours.
Stop asking for less and less, more and more quietly.
You've given away your beauty far too often
to someone who sells it back to you with interest,
in exchange for your own inalienable power.
Warrior, know what you want.
Step into the spaces you avoid.
A universe of hungry angels
is starving for your love
for sunlight and stars.
You are desire
waiting to be known

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Alicia Muñoz is a licensed marriage counselor and desire expert in private practice. She lives with her husband and son in Falls Church, Virginia. She’s also a speaker, author, blogger and a contributor to Counseling Today,, YourTango, PsychCentral and other print and online magazines. For more information or therapy-related questions visit

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