Erotic Maturity: Women Turning On

Our societies, educational systems, and families groom us to grow up and become independent. We are encouraged to move through developmental stages toward maturity. Maturity means we are able to understand and take responsibility for our feelings, needs and behaviors while remaining aware of and sensitive to others. And yet the idea of erotic maturity is rarely if ever discussed. It seems paradoxical. Our choice, if we believe the cultural mainstream, seems to be between hot, wild, mindless attraction or tame, responsible, controlled and rather uninspired sex. Which would you choose? Why hasn't the idea of erotic maturity entered the mainstream as something more desireable that knee-jerk-reaction passion? Why are sexually soverign women rarely glorified as ideals for our daighters? What could be more inspiring than a woman who stands in the full power of all aspects of her being, with these parts integrated and balanced rather than split off and separated? Erotically mature women can be mothers and lovers. They can be innocent and sexual. They can be caretakers of themselves and nurturing through clear boundary setting and respectful refusal. They can be fierce and tender. They know what they want and they seek it. They are proactive and empowered. Erotically mature women are looking to realize themselves, embody their sexuality and mine the erotic potential in their marriages

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Alicia Muñoz is a licensed marriage counselor and desire expert in private practice. She lives with her husband and son in Falls Church, Virginia. She’s also a speaker, author, blogger and a contributor to Counseling Today,, YourTango, PsychCentral and other print and online magazines. For more information or therapy-related questions visit

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