Raw Sexual Chemistry: Not the Only Gateway to Marriage

What do we gain when we marry based on sexual chemistry? What do we lose when we divorce based on a lack of it? Women still grow up today, for the most part, conditioned by the media to believe that their attractiveness is something defined by others, and that attractiveness somehow correlates with their capacity to desire. They’re told and taught that sexual chemistry underlies our best romantic adventures and greatest loves, that it’s the holy grail of romance, the key to ecstasy, the ultimate prize of womanhood. Women are also taught that if you want to be happy, you better marry the person with whom you have it. If you don’t, your marriage will very likely die a slow and sexless death. Even sex and couples therapists cringe when couples admit they don’t have a strong foundation of sexual chemistry undergirding their marriage. It’s generally accepted that sexual chemistry is as close as you can come in the risky venture of marriage to a guarantor of happiness, or at least to ecstatic, orgasmic, sexy unhappiness.

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Alicia Muñoz is a licensed marriage counselor and desire expert in private practice. She lives with her husband and son in Falls Church, Virginia. She’s also a speaker, author, blogger and a contributor to Counseling Today, GoodTherapy.com, YourTango, PsychCentral and other print and online magazines. For more information or therapy-related questions visit aliciamunoz.com.

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