Three R’s To Erotic Empowerment: RISC, REAP & RE-WIRE

Three R’s To Erotic Empowerment: RISC, REAP & RE-WIRE

The acronyms RISC, REAP & RE-WIRE crystalize the theme of each phase of erotic empowerment. Phase I, RISC, focuses on Replacing Introjects with Sexual Curiosity. This phase involves embracing the risk of challenging your beliefs about your own sexuality. It involves moving through the shame of family and cultural conditioning. Phase II, REAP, centers on Researching Erotic Adventure and Pleasure. This is a phase where research into what pleases you, turns you on, and delights you leads you to gather information about who you really are versus who you think you are or should be. Phase II, RE-WIRE, integrates Phases I and II through Relating Erotically With Intention and Releasing Expectations. In this phase, the focus is on practicing new ways of connecting to yourself and your partner erotically. Over time, new behaviors result in new ways of being, thinking and experiencing your sexuality. The Three R’s organize and operationalize approaches, methods, and techniques which can be helpful with empowering women to ignore the sexual chemistry myth, create a workable desire discipline, and recalibrate their erotic compasses.

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